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Sales... ...the lifeblood of a company, a matter of "life and death", survival or extinction. Indeed, something that needs to be studied, applied and re-modified consistently.

Yet today,

  • many companies still don't have a coherent approach as to how they can generate more sales and achieve better margins;

  • many sales people are still lying to their customers so that they can meet their targets at the end of the month;

  • many customers are still waiting for ethical and professional sales people to help them find out their real needs, and provide solutions that work

Psyche-Selling TM is set up so that companies and sales people can make healthy profits and STILL provide genuine solutions to customers.

Psyche-Selling TM would like to create an environment where customers can trust sales people to give them what they want, and NOT be pushed with all kinds of products and services. In return, customers will become loyal fans of these ethical and professional sales people, and repay them many fold for the long-term.

Psyche-Selling TM will not rest, until the above is achieved. Not just in China. Not just in Asia. But everywhere where buying and selling takes place.

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Nearly 65% of salespeople who fail could have succeeded in the right type of sales position for their skills.  In fact, only 15% of top sales people can lead and manage their respective teams effectively.  Now what kind of people would you like to lead your sales force in China?

Training may not be the solution too.

According to research, 87% of what is learnt in a sales training session will be lost after 1 month upon completion of the training programme. That means you have a burn-rate of 87% per month for every dollar you invest in sales training.

Other research has also shown that there is little or no correlation between sales training that delivers results  and:

  • The training evaluation that the trainees filled in immediately after the training; or

  • The test results after the training (whether immediately or 1 month or 6 months later) to gauge whether the trainees remembered what was learnt.

Contact us +86-13671902505 or e-mail: or Skype: cydj001 to find out how you can build winning sales teams in China and other parts of Asia.

Psyche-Selling TM is a wholly-owned brand of Directions Management Consulting Pte Ltd that specialises in the field of improving sales performance by enhancing the performance of the entire sales team. Apart from the regular "selling skills training", Psyche-Selling TM conducts pre- and post-training analysis, interviews, monitoring and reviews, working closely with managers and even senior management, to deliver real improvements in sales leadership and performance.  


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Take a Sales Rep Audit to
reinforce the right sales behaviours

Please take a look at a very simple yet useful tool to reinforce desired sales staff behaviours.  It's called the Sales Rep Audit.

Using it is just darn simple, just go on a Joint Sales Call with your sales rep, and audit their behaviours according to the list.  Feel free to change parts of the desired behaviours to suit your needs.

If you don't like what you see, and would like to change things for the better, feel free to contact or Skype: cydj001


销售… …企业之命脉,死生之地,存亡之道,不可不察也。


  • 有许多企业还是欠缺一套可行、连贯的销售战略以争取更 出色的业绩,更优质的利润;

  • 有许多销售人员还是在忽悠他们的客户,以完成他们的指标;

  • 有许多客户还是在渴望着具备道德、责任、专业意识的销售人员来帮他们寻找真正的需求所在,并提供实质性满足这些需求的方法

销售攻心术 TM 是为了帮助企业及销售人员如何在取得健康利润的前提下,仍为客户分忧解难,而成立的。

销售攻心术 TM 将极尽全力创造一个理想环境,让客户们能够信任销售人员能设身处地提供客户所需,而不是被销售人员硬塞一些自己所不需要的产品或服务。与此同时,客户们也将成为这些具备道德、专业、责任感的销售人员的忠实粉丝,给于报达。

销售攻心术 TM 将极尽所能达到以上目的,并将不休不眠达到这个目的。不仅仅在中国。也不仅仅在亚洲。而是在所有进行买卖的每一个角落。

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  • 培训后学员们立即填写的培训评估

  • 培训后(无论是立即还是一个月或六个月后)的测验或考试,以证明学员们还记得培训的具体内容

如需进一步的咨询如何打造一支必胜的销售团队,就请拨打+86-13671902505 或 e-mail: 或Skype: cydj001与我们联系。

销售攻心术 TM 就是针对对此类问题而开发,它是一门建立在对亚洲13个城市各行各业销售人员所进行的“一对一”辅导的实践结果上然后才拟定一套能够给与成绩的销售绩效方案。

销售攻心术 TM
是方相咨询所拥有的品牌,除了提供常见的“销售技巧培训”以外,更专注于为企业提供训前、后的分析、诊断、跟进与反馈,与经理及管理层密切合作,并以 提升整个团队的力量来提高业绩。 


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